Awards? Sure, why not:

Israeli Design Awards 2013 – Shumis

Israeli Design Awards 2016 – Tasting Room

Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2012/13 – Middle

East & Africa Restaurant – Little Italy

Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2014/15 – Middle

East & Africa Bar – Tasting Room

European Property Awards 2014/15 – Little Italy

About OPA


We’re Studio OPA, an interior design & architecture studio based in Tel Aviv. Jaffa Noga Qtr, if you’re ever in the area.
Studio OPA was established in 2011, by Gilad Zaafrany and Lotan Singer, who came from different design disciplines, but had the same vision: Storytelling through design.

We design ultra-gorgeous and uber-functional commercial and residential spaces. From Israel’s top bars, restaurants and hotels, to private homes and apartments – with extra attention to details, high quality and top-notch service.

But most importantly, each of our spaces has its own unique character and story. Leave the gimmicks and Pinterest copies for others – we’re here to materialize your dream. To manifest your vision. To tell your story.
So, what’s your story?

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