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Beit Kandinof

Restaurant & Gallery Tel Aviv

Beit Kandinof was built in Jaffa more than 100 years ago by a rich Bukharan minister, and survived the 20th century’s wars and turmoils almost without harm. For a group of young artists and nightlife people, it was the perfect location to make their dream come true: a place that combines art and hospitality, a high-end bar-restaurant that showcases local artwork and holds rotating exhibitions and classes.
When planning and designing this project we had one mantra: be humble, if things don’t have to be changed – don’t change them.
We added wireframe arches of construction iron along the main space, which trace the shape of the original arches. The original stones were exposed, iron frames framing the entrances to the studio and emphasizing the rhythm of movement in the area. We also combined the original stone with deep turquoise and alternating artwork.
It’s truly, if you allow us to stop being modest for a moment, a modern-day work of art.