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Tasting Room

Wine Bar & Store Tel Aviv


Located in Sarona, a German Templar colony turned leisure and gourmet hub in Tel Aviv, Tasting Room is a conceptual wine shop like no other. It features ten automatic wine pouring machines designated for individual wine tasting utilized by a smart card, a bar that serves light meals, seats for couples and groups and a bottle display with more than 2,000 wine bottles.

We created a dim, dark space, so that visitors feel as if they are transformed to an enchanted environment, very different from the outside street with its clear view of the sky.
A decision was made to honor the wine industry and its rich culture, by using materials that in time will show signs of aging, such as tin and wood.
A knight’s table made of split oak and chairs hundred of years old were purchased from a hotel in Vienna and repainted.
You don’t have to be royalty to enter this place, but you might find your personal prince charming.